Shared Web Hosting & Its Importance

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Shared Web Hosting & Its Importance

What is Shared Web Hosting?

It is very simple to understand the word itself saying everything. Shared means used by more than one. If multiple websites use the same server then it is called shared web hosting. It is very economical and now being widely used by most of the companies or business owners to create a Web presence. As we said, very economical & even available at a very reasonable price starting from Rs.2000 (approx $30) to Rs. 8000 (approx $120) per year. If you are a beginner, looking to start a small blog or create a website for your company or organization then shared hosting is highly recommended.

What is the unforgettable part of Shared Web Hosting service providers?

The most unforgettable part of most of the shared hosting companies is their business plan & marketing strategies. I mean what they do is the best part of this. They basically offer a lot & that’s being the focal point of the whole thing. Their hosting service comprises many options for the clients/users. Extensive Bandwidth & Disk Space with unlimited domains & lots of other facilities are the catchy part of the marketing policy of several hosting companies providing shared hosting.

Hosting their clients at affordable costs & by giving them so much to use as a website owner they are actually helping themselves to get more profit by earning more clients. It’s, either way will always be a fair deal with business.


You see advantages one will get in multiple ways after having a shared web hosting.

  • Definitely, there will be huge advantages in the case of server maintenance as it is a shared server used by multiple website owners, the maintenance costs will also be shared.
  • Because of advanced technology, it’s now becoming easier to use Admin Panel or cPanel, Fantastico, etc.
  • Most of the companies nowadays having highly dedicated and skilled team members to deal with the tasks which are an added advantage to company owners & even for the client-side.
  • Another thing is currently companies not only providing hosting services only but they are also giving whole treatment to a website from the very beginning which includes Website design & development, Web security, Timely maintenance needs, Website promotion & optimization, etc.


When there are so many advantages in limited charges, definitely there will be some lacks also.

  • Unlike a costly dedicated server, this will a bit slower while responding.
  • Low budget hosting can sometimes harm your websites.

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