Our Technology


RAID 1 NVMe SSD Hosting

We use pure SSD drives on our servers. SSD drives don’t have any moving parts so they offer 3x times faster data read and write speed than traditional HDD drive. So SSD drives make your site load faster. A faster website serve more customers, can bring more sales and revenue.

LiteSpeed WebServer

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is an Apache-interchangeable, high performance, secure, easy-to-use web server. It can handle thousands of concurrent connections with a small memory footprint.

LiteSpeed is up to 10X times faster than Apache, it processes PHP process 50% faster, and SSL requests 3X times faster than Apache. LiteSpeed fully supports .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and everything else that Apache is well known for – if your site works on an Apache host it will function even faster on our LiteSpeed web hosting solutions!

LS Cache

LS Cache

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of the LiteSpeed Web Server. LSCache accelerates dynamic content (not just PHP pages), with features very similar to those in Apache mod_cache, using an efficient, highly customizable, native implementation within LiteSpeed Web Server.

PHP 7.3 and 7.4

Our hosting servers are comes with latest PHP 7 versions. Whenever there is a new Update for PHP is available, we promptly deploy it to our servers. Latest PHP versions are known for there speed benefits. We regularly update our PHP versions to make sure our users can take advantages of them. In Newsys Hosting,  you can choose PHP 5.6 to latest PHP 7.4.



CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS. It enable us to isolate users in a Linux servers so that problems in one account don’t spread to other accounts.

kernelcare Auto Kernel Update

By using Kernelcare, we make sure latest critical security patch applied to our running servers without any service interruption or degradation. Generally, after updating kernel servers need to rebooted to apply the update. But Kernelcare’s automated and rebootless updates make sure our servers kernels are always up to date with all security updates without any need of reboot.

bitninja malware

Bitnija Server security with Malware Detection and removal

We regularly scans our servers file systems for malware and promptly remove them. We CXS malware scanner by config server to scan and protect your website and hosting accounts.

Automated Backups using JetBackup

We take data security very seriously and that’s why we follow a very strict backup policy. We use Jet Backup to take regular backups of our users hosting accounts. We take daily and monthly backups and have multiple offsite backup locations.

Jet Backup