Free Website Migration Policy

Free Website Migration Policy

Quick, Easy, Effective

For web hosting customer(s), moving a website from one host to another host is a very difficult and complex process. It takes a lot of time and effort to execute properly. This is why we offer a Free website migration service to our customers who have an existing website with another hosting provider. We will move your website files and databases from your old account to new Newsys account.

All we need is your current hosting account information like cPanel credentials, hostname, FTP details, SSH details etc. and our migration experts will take care of the rest. You just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting

How It Works

After Migration

Once our team completes the transfer your hosting account, they will test your website(s) in our hosting environment for any issues or errors to ensure a successful transfer. Then they will contact you and guide you how to test your website(s) in the new hosting environment.


Our team will get in touch with you and provide you a temp URL to test your website(s) before going live on the new hosting account.


After you give us the “ALL CLEAR” confirmation, our team will guide you to change the nameservers at your domain control panel to complete the process.


We suggest you keep your old hosting account active for at least seven days after migrating to Newsys hosting account. Because if there were any issues occur during website migration, we will able to rectify it easily. Once you are confident about your website performance in Newsys hosting account you can cancel your old hosting account.


  • We will migrate up to 10 cPanel accounts or up to 5 non-cPanel web hosting accounts (website files & MySQL databases only) — free of charge for shared hosting, and reseller hosting.
  • We don’t offer partial migration ie adding an addon domain to an existing cPanel Account and migrate its files from another cPanel account from another provider.
  • We can refuse migration if the total account size is more than 20GB.