When you configure FileZilla, you will download an XML file and import it to your FileZilla client.

To configure the FileZilla FTP client:

Step – 1: Click the Configure FTP Client link that corresponds to the FTP account you wish to use to connect to your FTP server.

Step – 2: Click the FTP or SFTP link to download the XML file. We recommend that you use SFTP for the most secure connection. NOTE: This step will over-write any previous XML configuration file without warning.


Step – 3 : Open the FileZilla FTP client.

Step – 4: Select Import from the File menu (File ⇀ Import).


Step – 5 : Select the XML file you have just downloaded and click OK.

Step – 6 : Click the OK button on the Import Settings window.

Step – 7 : Click OK on the Import Successful window.

Step – 8 : To open a connection to your FTP server, select the Site Manager feature from the File menu (File ⇀ Site Manager).

Step – 9 : Select your domain from the Select Entry menu.

Step – 10 : Click the Connect button to connect to your FTP server.