What is a shared ip ?

Every domain name that is home to a website has an IP address assigned to it. An IP address is the real address of a website or server. Domain names were developed because it was too difficult to remember long IP numbers like

In shared hosting, a single IP address is shared amongst hundreds of different websites, i.e. hundreds of domains can resolve to the same IP address. Instead of having a unique IP address for every domain, you share one IP address with all of the accounts on your server.

The downside to shared IP’s is that if someone sharing your IP happens to get in trouble for spamming or scamming, your IP can get banned or blacklisted. You may not even know it until your site disappears from the search engines or your email start getting blocked by ISPs. In shared hosting the actions of others sharing the server can effect your site and cause problems.

What’s a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP address is an IP address, assigned specifically to your account. This IP address is not shared with other accounts on a shared server and is used only by you.

Dedicated IP addresses let you:

  • Use an SSL certificate on your hosting accounts.
  • View your website via its IP address.
  • Ensure faster response during periods of high traffic load.

Note: only one dedicated IP address can be assigned to one cPanel account.

please submit a ticket if you feel you need an IP.